Wild Abundance Barnardesville, NC

Smoked Hides

Teaching practical skills for living closer to the earth

Eco-Homesteading  Self Sufficiency  Organic Gardening   Wild Food and Medicine  Natural Building  Permaculture  Living Off-Grid  Survival Adventures  Primitive Skills and Much more

We believe that it is possible for humans to live in balance with the web of life.  Our goal is to provide people with the education, inspiration, and information necessary to do so.  The breadth of skill that our instructors and consultants bring forth is vast; we exist both in the wild and domesticated worlds, marrying innovations from the present day, historical times, and humanity's deep past in order to present a toolkit for living now as functional human beings. We enhance peoples' everyday lives by teaching and consulting on skills that we see as intensly relevent as well as deeply fullfilling and enjoyable.

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Smoked Hides
Food Preservation