Botany Every Day

The main purpose of the website Botany Every Day is to carry on several threads of ethnobotanist Frank Cook's work Part of this work entails evolving a multi-spectrum understanding of the plant human interface from varied perspectives. The hope is that over time Frank‚Äôs vast community of people from different parts of the globe and other interested plant lovers will contribute knowledge here for a holistic conception of the plant/human connection.

For now marc williams is the main point person in building this site with the help of web designer Aaron Kaczmarek. However, people from places as varied as Costa Rica, Peru, Dominica, California, Florida, and New York have expressed interest in co-creating this web resource.

It is important to note that financial resources from many friends of  Frank Cook and students from the class held on the site here have made this website possible. Your continued support is encouraged and needed to carry out this important work.