Bayou Earthskills Louisiana

Smoked Hides

Our philosophy

Combine our modern wisdom with primitive skills from our ancestors, for a healthy society, where the concept waste doesn’t exist. Be healthy, be creative, be happy, and work together as a community.
We believe it is important to live harmoniously with our wonderful planet and each other. To have a reciprocal relationship with Mother Earth. To coexist with our natural world naturally. Using what is abundantly available through our natural resources. Earth, air, fire, water and our hearts.  We hope to live learning constantly from nature and each other. We strive to thrive being creative and conscious of our precious natural resources.
Depending only on what is naturally available and in return giving back more to our great planet. Going with the flow of nature and against the current of consumerism.
Create your own job being ecologically aware and self-sustainable, self-sufficient, working in community to build, learn, teach, coexist,  and create.  We are all learning and are capable of teaching each other skills. We hope to heal ourselves more through our relationships with each other.
We feel it is important to be respectful. Be still. Be mindful. Be Thankful. Listen to the rhythm of nature and breath. Recognize the inner peace within you and share. Take care of yourself.
Being part of natural cycles, giving back to earth what is has been taken, natural building, gardening, planting trees,  bee keeping, composting, creating Water systems,  taking care of our wildlife, our planet and each other.



Primitive Skills

Smoked Hides

Primitive skills are those skills that relate to living off the land, often using handcrafted tools made from naturally gathered materials. Here are some of the classes available for you to choose from that we will be exploring:

Bamboo spoon making-
Fire making-
Bow and arrow-
Wood carving-
Primitive Pottery-
Primitive Jewelry-
Cloth Making-
Earthen and survival shelters-
Black smithing-
Sharpening knives-
Hide and tanning-
Wild traps, rabbit hunting-
Mushroom hunting-
Earth science-
Knitting, crocheting-
Tipis and Yurts-
Animal tracking-
Fish spears-
Primitive tools, wood, stone, bones-
Moccasin making-
Primitive instruments-
Mayan mythology-