Animal Phat Burnsville, NC

Kids Archery

Connecting people with opportunities to expand their knowledge in  sustainable living skills and the natural world around us!

2014 Workshops will be held 30 minutes east of Burnsville, N.C. along the beautiful South Toe River. Classes with limits are first come first serve. Please check back here as new classes will continue to be posted throughout the year.

Brain Tanning Deerskins

Fire by Friction

Women's Wilderness Workshops

Felting Raw Wool

Old Fashion & Goat Milk Soap Making

Easy Cheese Making 

Dairy Goats & Cheese Making - 2 days

Animals in Permaculture Systems

Dairy Goats 101

Farm and Land Use Consultation

Private or Group Classes

Public & School Demonstrations

Christina Gordon is the founder of Animal Phat and Women's Wilderness Workshops. She started Animal Phat with the desire to provide educational opportunities for people and it has become an avenue for folks to learn and share experiences in primitive and sustainable living skills. From Brain Tanning to Dairy Goats, Christina offers hands-on workshops so you can bring these skills home!

Kids Archery
Handcrafted Backpack
Flint Knife