The Sharpening Stone, Oregon

Primitive pottery

The Sharpening Stone 
Annual Earth Skills Gathering

We are very excited to announce our second annual skills gathering! We invite you to come learn both ancient and new Earth living techniques that help bring us closer to living in harmony with nature. We will gather for seven days deep in the mountains of Oregon, where the landscape inspires a deeper connection both with nature and with our community of like minded people. There will be an assortment of skilled instructors sharing their expertise, and passionate people with whom we create a unique culture, and memories that will last a lifetime. 

The Sharpening Stone is an organization dedicated to bringing a deeper understanding of living close to the Earth. We host an annual gathering, as well as continual smaller workshops and events throughout the year. Pulling knowledge from a large group of instructors with a wide range of expertise, we are focused on sustainable living techniques and ancient nature-based skills. Deep in the heart of timberland, we are located on a beautiful remote property near Grants Pass Oregon. We offer a community-oriented, retreat-style learning environment. Each month, there are instructors on site offering a variety of workshops on an individual basis or in small groups. 


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Primitive pottery
Spoon Carving