Other Gatherings of interest

There are Earthskills events happening all over the country and even overseas. Each event is unique because of it's bioregion, organizers, structure, flow, instructors and focus. Some may involve predominantly Primitive Skills, some Homesteading, Bushcraft, Survival Skills or Permaculture but all of them have something special and worthwhile to offer.   These are some of the gatherings that Earthskillsgathering.org is aware of but does not have any reciprocal links to or association with. In an effort to compile and share this information here is a list of simple links to some of the events happening throughout the US. We would be more than willing to create more in-depth sub pages for these Gatherings if their organizers wish to have that but did not want to use their content without permission. Please email us at Admin@remove-this.Earthskillsgathering.org if there is an event that you think should be listed here. 


This is one of the oldest and most respected Primitive Skills Gatherings in the country. Held in Idaho for Rabbitstick and Wintercount takes place in Arizona.


Although it may not be an Earthskills event in the context of other events listed here it does look like a lot of fun and is organized by Dave Wescott and Steve Watts both highly respected primitive skills instructors.