The Mid-Atlantic Primitive Skills Gathering  is held this year in Harpers Ferry, WV. It has strong skills represented by quality instructors who come from as far as Vermont and the mountains of North Carolina and of course the DC area. Breakfast and Dinner included and set in a beautiful location. A family friendly event with a solid sense of community.  Check it out!

Mid-Atlantic Primitive Skills Gathering is an occasion to learn, practice, and share the skills that sustained our ancestors for many millennia. This is an opportunity, at least temporarily, to experience the kind of community that humanity was born into and aboriginal people around the world have lived in for ages. This is a time to have fun, make new friends, renew old friendships, learn new skills, and share what you know about living gently with the Earth. It is a chance to show yourself and your children that there are alternatives to the unnatural modern society that exists all around them.

Come and relax around the campfire and enjoy songs, stories, drumming and dancing. When a group comes together to renew their relationship with the Earth only good things come forth. Come and seek out the day-to-day living skills that allowed our ancient ancestors to live with the Earth in a harmonious and sustainable way.