Florida Earthskills Gathering


Florida Earthskills is one of the most diverse Gatherings in the Southeast and has a style and pace that is unique and fun. The classes here reflect a full spectrum of skills from hard skills like spoon making and friction fire to the soft skills of nature awareness and thrival style. There are also many classes dealing with body awareness, health,  nutrition, herbal medicine etc.  There is an abundance of plants and animals to learn from, through early morning bird sits and multiple plant and mushroom walks from some exceptionally skilled instructors. Also enjoy the warmth of Florida while the rest of the country is freezing. Well worth the drive and money.


With over 50 instructors, there are plenty of activities for adults and kids, including palm weaving, friction fire, basket weaving, plant and mushroom identification, hide tanning, herbal medicine, wood carving, food preservation, and much more. We incorporate dancing, drumming, storytelling, and friendship around the evening fires. The Florida Earthskills Gathering is a time to learn, share, and experience community and truly sustainable living skills.

Primitive pottery
Spoon Carving