Firefly Gathering

Our mission is to share skills of outdoor and traditional living, natural medicine, crafts, and community resilience in Southern Appalachia to promote healthy, connected, and sustainable livelihoods on Earth. In a time of disconnection, industrial specialization, environmental injury, and rapid climate change, we believe it is of the utmost importance to adapt the way we live to not only survive in the changing world around us, but to thrive within our contributions to the human experience. Firefly Gathering is a community organization dedicated to sharing the skills that help us to live with the earth. We are currently in the process of becoming a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and anticipate IRS approval later this year. The Firefly Gathering lives at Deerfields in Mills River, NC. Deerfields is just 30 minutes south of Asheville, and offers a truly beautiful location for us to share and grow together. The site boasts two spring-fed freshwater lakes, sweet creeks, and robust hiking trails that meander through mature and diverse forests. Come enjoy over 900 acres of unspoiled wilderness.