Welcome to the TYPO3 Organiser

Responsive. Installation with one mouse-click.

Responsive »
The Organiser is optimised for desktops, tablets and smartphones. Test it: Visit several pages and vary the size of your browser window.

Installation with one click »
You are welcome to install the Organiser with one mouse-click. A lot of features are ready-to-use like interactive maps or the booking of tickets.

Professional service »
You don't like to adapt the Organiser to your individual needs by yourself? Take the professional service supported from the developers: Die Netzmacher.

Organiser: TYPO3 for the lobbies and the organisers

The Organiser is easy: easy to use, easy to configure, easy to handle. TYPO3 integrators can install the Organiser with minimum costs. You can manage a calendar, events, companies, documents, news, jobs and people. You can sell tickets and items.

The Organiser is the solution for a small budget and for small-scale enterprises, which make low demands on e-commerce.

Test it now!

Buy a ticket! »
Test the Organiser! Buy a ticket. Check the workflow. Taste it! You don't need to pay nothing.

Page flip! »
Page flip in PDF files like in real magazines. You need nothing but an internet browser with a flash plugin.

Radial search »
Look for entries by a radial search.

Install it!

Without any fee on typo3.org »
The Organiser is 100% Open Source and free of charge. Download it on typo3.org!


  • E-payment
  • Georeferenced data
  • Image gallery by default
  • Localisation
  • Maps (Google Maps, Open Street Map)
  • Modular
    • Formular management, spam protection: Powermail
    • Interactive map: Leaflet
    • Online catalogues: Flip it! (not responsive)
    • Responsive framework: Foundation
    • Shopping cart: Caddy
    • TYPO3-frontend-engine: Browser – TYPO3 without PHP
  • One-Click-Installation
  • Optimised for search Engines (SEO)
  • PDF attachments
  • Radial Search
  • Responsive
  • vCard

What's not ready?

Events, Jobs and Services hasn't any sample data and some TypoScripts aren't prepaired. Tax rate for tickets can't configured, the rate is 0%. Documents haven't any field for a price.
TYPO3 Editors can't change this behaviour. TYPO3 Integrators can change it, but they must be familiar with TCA, TypoScript and the Browser – TYPO3 without PHP.
We would like to solve the open issues, but we need contracts.

Any question?

Visit our homepage » Or send us your request ». Or post your concern in the Organiser Forum ».

For Integrators only: Your next step after the installation

Import postal data »
A proper radial search needs postal data. Import it. See section "Import Postal Code Data" in the manual.